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The Search for Beautiful Skin

The skin is a canvas that ages with time and how do we maintain its forever beauty? 

To the South of Bern and Luzern, and east of Lake Geneva lies the grand Alpine heart of Switzerland, a massive region of traditional Swiss scenery consisting of high peaks, sheer valleys, and crystal water lake. The origins of Cellact products are founded from the very grounds of this prestige land, overflowing with natural resources. With the combination of traditional Swiss heritage and revolutionary technology, the term “Swiss Made” clearly makes a statement as the pinnacle of skincare products in its’ purest form. And that is how the search for beautiful skin is completed.


The Philosophy of Cellact

Cellact is an advanced line of skincare which is perfectly designed to accompany the treatments conducted by professional aestheticians, as well as daily home treatments by consumers. The formulation is meticulously developed based on high-performance biotechnology active ingredients, with EU cosmetics and skincare compliancy. It’s Philosophy - Fine, Effectiveness and Safe as its main three optimum aims of means.


The Team Behind Cellact

Alberto Fauci is a premiere chemist and an international cosmetologist who started his own activity by creating in Switzerland and in Italy research centres for the development and production of technologically advanced skincare formulations.

A pioneer in the skincare industry, his team combines breakthrough technology with selected ingredients to produce only the finest of Swiss skincare quality. His practice spread throughout the world of cosmetology and his expertise is renowned worldwide. The collaboration between Dr. Fauci and Cellact team has been on-going throughout the inception of this prestigious brand.