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Helia Lips Volumizer

RM177.00 MYR

Add volume to your pout and plump your lips to its fullest with Helia, CellAct’s new lip plumper. Achieve visible plumpness, lush, and youthful-looking lips from the very first application. Helia is formulated from state of the art technology containing tripeptides which are known to improve dry skin and has/contains/possesses the ability to boost collagen production which can lead to firmer fuller smoother looking lips. Sourced only from the finest and the purest form of amino acids giving you only the best and is definitely something to pout about!


- Achieve the added effects of volume and plumps your lips
- Elevate thinning lips
- Volumise look
- Reduce dullness
- Lips brightening
- Hydrate lips

How To Use

Apply twice after a day on lips with a circular movement.



Helia Lips Volumizer

Helia Lips Volumizer

RM177.00 MYR